Writing The Perfect Thank You Card For Your Wedding

September 14, 2017


Writing a wedding thank you note can be somewhat tricky and tedious at times. But when all is said and done, writing a thank you note for your wedding is proper etiquette and a personalized note to your wedding guests is a must. I'm here to provide some tips on writing that perfect thank you note as well as some etiquette rules to follow.


1. Address The Recipient

Always address your guest by their full name - and make sure you spell their name correctly too ! "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is a formal proper way to address your guest. 


2 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

What's the point of a thank you card if you don't THANK THEM ! Saying thank you is a key essential to the thank you card. This may sound silly and be pretty obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many people leave this little phrase out. Also address what you're thanking them for. "Thank you so much for being a part of our special day !". If you're thanking them for a specific item, be sure to include this as well. Also be sure to be organized when opening all of your gifts, and write down where each gift is from, so you can include the specific item in the card.


3. What You'll Do With Their Gift

Adding in a specific detail about what you'll do with their gift is also a key element for a thank you card. It personalizes the thank you card specifically to them. "Thanks so much for the mixer, can't wait to use it to make your amazing cake recipe !"


4. Think Ahead

Think ahead to the next time you'll see that guest and include it in the note. "Can't wait to see you soon this summer at the family reunion !"


5. Closing Out

Closing the note can either be done with a more formal "Sincerely" or with a less formal closing and a more personal touch such as "Love Always or "With Love"



Time Frame For Sending Out Your Wedding Thank You Cards

If you're having your thank you cards printed, it's best to order your thank you cards early so you have them in hand and ready to go after your wedding. You should acknowledged every gift immediately but within 2 weeks of your wedding is acceptable. After your wedding is a busy time, so if you can't send them out within 2 weeks, no later than 3 months is your best bet.






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