This is a service so many of our past couples say they are so thrilled they did! Once you receive your order from us, you will then need to stuff, seal and mail your invitations to your guests. What most couples don’t realize is how long of a process this can be. But that’s where our White Glove Service comes in. Save time and energy to focus on other areas of your wedding, and let us do the stuffing, sealing and mailing work for you!

White Glove Service Includes

  • Purchase all rsvp envelope and all main envelope stamps for you (you will pay for the actual cost of the stamps)

  • Adhere all stamps to the rsvp envelopes and main envelopes

  • Stuff and seal the invitation sets with our premium grade adhesive

  • Invitation check at the post office to ensure your invitations are correct for mailing and include the correct postage needed

  • Hand cancel each invitation set. Invitation sets are put through a machine at the post office if they are not hand canceled. When the invitations go through this machine, they can be ruined. Hand canceling each invitation set avoids this process, to ensure none of the invitation sets get ruined

  • Mail all invitation sets out to your guests

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